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The bewildering variety of toys in the market together with claims to special educational advantages makes choosing good toys hard. Your child is now 2 and has become even more assertive. His defiance really results from tug of war between his desire for independence and his continuing need for help. His language skills are still developing. He can now speak short sentences. He is much more expressive and easily communicates his needs.

Ride on toys :
Your child will still love wheeled toys, he can push himself along on pedaling as probably more than he can handle.

Construction Toys :
The little toddler may get interested in construction. Like building blocks, creating a house, car, train, etc.

Ball :
Balls continue to be a favourite but ever more so as your toddler can target his throw. He can play with plastic 9 pins.

Musical toy instruments :
Music is always going to be the all time favourite of young toddlers be it a piano, violin, guitar. Now he can try his hands on a drum too.

Puzzles :
Your child's new dexterity has opened up many new play possibilities. He can assemble 4 - 5 piece puzzles himself.

Child size household equipment's :
Toys for dramatic play need to be realistic. Acquire a small broom or mini vacuum cleaner to make cleanup fun.

Books :
Your little toddlers language skills are getting more sophisticated. Children at this age start to follow narrative books.

Board games :
Your toddlers brain development will benefit from learning how to play a simple board game such as Ludo, Snakes and Ladders etc.

Art Supplies :
The little toddler has such an imaginative mind that he loves to experiment with his art kit. Kids at this age like crayons, water colours, clay, etc. Just make sure everything is washable and non-toxic.

Outdoor Equipment :
By his 3rd birthday, he will be ready for more challenging toys. As your child really starts to grow into his physical skills, he will love toys that let him test his new found abilities like swings, sport equipment like cricket bat and ball, badminton racquet, etc.


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