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Nutrients and food necessary for your child

"Adequate Nutrition" is an absolute for the growth of a children especially toddlers are a busy bundle of endless activity, due to this they require a steady infusion of nutrients to refuse their on-the-go lifestyle. Adequate nourishment is also essential for optional growth and physical intellectual development.

Many toddlers have small stomach capacities so it is very necessary in selecting your toddlers food. When possible offer foods that satisfy more than one nutritional requirement.

The closer we stick to natural food chain, the better, foods that remember their roots are more likely to have retained nutrients select food be it fruits or vegetables that are fresh rather than highly processed carved or often cooked.

Recommended Dietary Intake of Nutrients for Toddlers.
Total calories 1240 kcal per day
Nutrients Amt. required
Protein 22 gm
Fat 25 gm
Calcium 400 mg
Iron 12 mg
Vitamin C 30-40 mg
Thiamin 0.6 mg
Riboflavin 0.7 mg
Niacin 0.8 mg

Feeding a toddler can be tricky. Here are the basic dietary requirements in servings of everyday foods. Small servings for small appetite.

Proteins foods :
A Toddler requires about four toddler servings of proteins totaling around 22gms. to 25 gms.
One Toddler serving equals any of the following
1 egg or 2 egg whites.
1 ounce fish, meat, poultry
2 ounce / 55 gms
3 tbsp. cottage cheese

Calcium food :
A toddler requires four toddler servings. One toddler serving equals any of the following :
150 ml / 5 ounce milk
60 ml yogurt
30 gm cheese
85 gm / 3 ounces of tofu
75 gm cooked broccoli

Vitamin C Foods :
A toddler requires two toddler servings. One toddles servings equals any of the following :
1/3 large Mango
1/4 large Guava
45 gms Papa
50 ml or 2 ounce of orange Juice
20 gms broccoli
1 small Tomato

Iron rich foods :
A toddler requires one toddler servings. One toddler serving equals any of the following :
25 gms Soyabeans
20 gms Spinach
20 gms Dried Fruits
2 dry figs
2 dates

Variety is the spice of life
A truly varied diet not only offers the best nutrition but minimizes the potential exposure to food hazards. By introducing variety early may help to expand a toddlers dieting repertoire.

Most Mothers seems to be worried, am I given the child enough food or what should I give him for breakfast or lunch. Here is a simple toddler menu the servings mentioned all what an average toddler can be expected to consume.

Sample Toddler Menu
Breakfast 1 Banana
100 ml milk in cereal
25 gm wheat cereal
Mid Morning Snack 1 slice bread with Jam/ Butter
100 ml Milk
Lunch 1 Roti
25 gm Rice
1 Small bowl Dal
20 gm mixed Vegetable
Evening Snack 1/2 Apple
1/2 Chikoo
1 Biscuit (Optional)
Dinner 25gm high protein pasta/ mashed potato
20gm Rice
Bed Time 100ml Milk
Fatty Foods A toddler requires alone 5 to 8 toddler servings. One Toddlers serving equals any of the following :

1/2 tbsp. Ghee / Butter
1 egg
1 1/2 tbsp. Peanut Batter
4 ounce / 100ml Yogurt of whole milk

Quick Health Meals for your toddler

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