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At about the age of 3 years, children will understand that why things are done in a certain way. They become more social by attending parties, going to preschool and visit friends and relatives. These social milestones provide parents with to teach their children etiquette skills.
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It is very difficult feel for a young child to hold onto his thoughts or hold off on his actions-until his turn comes. It is very neccessary to teach your child to be patient for instance waiting for another child to finish his turn on the slide, etc.


It is very neccessary to make children realise that greeting people warmly, calling them by name and making eye contact make them feel nice.


Learn to say sorry
Saying sorry makes people feel better . It is neccessary to explain to your child that when he does something whether purposely or accidently, which hurts another person, he must apologise.


Table manners
It is neccessary to teach your child to sit on his chair without slouching or sitting sideways. Place foods within your childs reach and make sure he feels that he too is participating in the meal. Teach him to eat neatly and place his napkin on his lap. Explain to him that talking while eating or making noises with food disturbs others.

It is neccessary to teach your child to refuse food politely. Explain to him that calling food yucky, stinky or making a face is not nice a behaviour.


Kids are very possessive by nature. Teach him to share his toys with other children. Give him two similar toys, so that he may not mind let going one and slowly he will learn the concept of sharing.


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