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There are several possible reasons for bossy behaviour in a toddler. These reasons are listed below :

Toddlers at this age feel that the world revolves around themselves.

A sense of powerlessness
To compensate the lack of power they feel by wielding power over others.

Natural Temperament
Some toddlers are born leaders

Lack of social skill
Not yet knowing how to behave with others, their age often contributes to bossiness

If the bossiness is due to toddlerhood rather than temperament, its likely to be as transient as the toddler characteristics that cause it, but if it is due to temperament then one has to ensure that the naturally bossy child turns to be a leader rather than a bossy adult.

Ways to make your child less demanding and bossy
1. Give your child adequate attention. His bossiness could attribute to a need for more of your time.
2. Give your child some responsibility. Give him simple jobs that he can handle. Don't in an all effort to defuse his bossiness suddenly refuse to do anything at all for him.
3. Treat him the way you like him to treat you. Make sure you don't boss around. If you'd like your toddler to stop bossing.
4. Don't respond when he is rude. Make him realize that he has to use golden words like please, sorry and thank you. He has to use a relatively courteous voice when he makes a request.
5. Let him make few decisions. Giving him the chance to make certain decisions will make him less compelled to take over completely.
6. When he does a particular job be sure to praise him


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