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Table manners don't come naturally to children. A toddler can't possibly learn how to use a napkin or a fork if you never provide one. Even if your toddler eats like a barbarian now, consistent exposure to civilized eating conditions will eventually instill an appreciation for them.

Some children are antisocial at meal-times some are another extreme. Some children either gobble their food or push it around or off their plates. They put their elbow on the table, chew noisily, talk while eating and some even give a good loud burp at the end of their meals.

It is possible to raise mannerly children without subjecting them to repression. Start you toddler on the road to civility now, with the following tips :

Don't make meal times into a battle ground
Constantly picking on your children. Don't nag them it's going to have a reverse effect.

Set an exemplary example
The best way to teach manners to your toddler is to destroy them yourself. Eat with a napkin on your lap, chew with your mouth closed. and ask that the pepper be passed rather than reaching across someone's plate for it.

Appreciate them
What you can do is praise them for displaying good manners like passing a dish to a guest or saying "please" and "thank you"

Mealtime should be family time
Don't read or watch television or talk on phone while eating. Mealtimes should be a chance for the family to sit together and catch up on what's happening in each others lives.

Excuse yourself before leaving the table
Wait till everyone one has finished eating before getting up from the table, but if you need to leave, excuse yourself before going. Do not announce loudly that you have to go to the bathroom.


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