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"Successful people don't do different things, they do things differently."

Reality which we need to know about our kids

Unfortunately, the society and environment in which we all live today, focuses on children being seen and not heard. Conformity, discipline and neatness are emphasized, whereas curiosity is not only neglected but also suppressed. Our children today are expected to do research for their school homework, write essays, make projects and do assignments in a neat, organized and precise manner. If they do so, their work is appreciated and rewarded. Likewise all exam papers do not contain any real knowledge or ingenuity. All the 50 children in a particular class learn the same set of notes they are give and if they directly reproduce it in papers they are sure to get good marks. Each of the exam papers look like mirror images of one another. There are no new thoughts, fresh ideas or solutions in the work and assignments being done. An interesting thing that one must notice is that it is at this age that children tend to be creative and they let their minds wander and think. They want to broaden their horizons and go on new ventures. But our society and educational pattern suppresses creativity and ingenuity at its very inception. Due to this behavior, how are our children supposed to achieve their dreams if all their feelings and tendencies are contained within them and clamped shut.

What happens in the future .......

When today's children grow up and become tomorrow's managers, working in big firms and MNC's , these same children who were suppressed in their childhood are expected to think of brilliant plans. They are expected to bring about new innovations and solutions and in addition to practicing creative thinking, they have to set such a pattern and inculcate it in the organizational culture. They have to optimize all the available resources and factors of production in order to maximize profits. All their life, these very same children have been suppressed and suddenly as they mature they are suddenly expected to shift over to being creative and using the right side of their brain where as for the past 25 years or so they have been using the left side of their brain.

Creative thinking - should it be encouraged ?
For the full growth and all round development of your child, it is your duty and responsibility to cultivate creativity in your child's thoughts and actions.

* Have patience with your child. A child's ideas may not always be practical or feasible, still give your child a chance to talk and express his feelings and ideas.

* Avoid ridiculing whatever suggestions your child may make. If possible explain to him why his idea is not possible.

* Encourage and appreciate your child's efforts towards creative thoughts and ideas. Always make them feel good about their brilliant ideas and solutions. Even if their suggestions are strange or bizzare, still make them feel good by telling them that you would have never thought of something so innovative.

* Generate innovativeness from your child. Due to advancement and developments, no one knows where the world will be 20 years from now, so encourage originality in your child's thinking.


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