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Day dreaming is a family common phenomenon and it can become a behavioural disorder if indulged in excessively as it stunts the growth of the child.

It is generally classified as a personality disorder and can be associated with excessive shyness and temper tantrums. One must first try to understand how this begins.

Reasons for Day Dreaming
1. Stressful atmosphere at home or school
2. Wants to escape an unpleasant situation faced with.
3. Preoccupied in thoughts - physically present but mentally he is absent. Loses sight and sound of everything around him.

Even though his problem is easy to diagnose it is equally difficult to get rid of. The problem should be curbed as soon as possible since once the child enters adulthood, nothing can be done.

Consequences of Day dreaming
1. This kind of behaviour affect the concentration of the person especially in his
2. He starts losing his physical and social contact with his surroundings and
    becomes increasingly withdrawn.
3. This kind of behaviour weakens and stunts the personal growth of the child

1. For severe cases, you can take the help of a Child Guidance Specialist or Child
2. Snap your child out if you think he is day dreaming

The earlier the situation is remedied the better it is for the future of your child since once the case becomes more severe there might be no permanent cure.


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