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" Challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks, its just a matter of how you view them."

As you may have noticed before, your child may be very free and open in front of family members or close friends, but does she hesitate in front of others or in public?

Is she scared to answer a question in class asked by the teacher infront of all her classmates?

All children suffer from the fear of failure. There are of course some children who are more shy than others from birth itself because individual differences exist in people. As your child grows up, talk to him, make him feel responsible for his actions, make him open up, allow him to express his feelings and emotions. As a parent, one must try to eradicate the word 'shy' from the personal dictionary of the child about himself. To make your child bold and for her to be able to address people outside in the world, encourage her to participate in activities others than those at school. The activities could be swimming, athletics, art or dance classes but must involve other children interacting with your own child. Give your child the opportunity to select the activity of his or her choice. Also while sending your child for these activities, it is advisable to go and drop her and fetch her. Do not linger around the classes for too long or else your child gets too attached to you being there and will not interact with other children. Interacting with others on a regular basis builds your child's confidence.
Competition to a certain extent is very healthy. Play small games at home with your child. Sometimes let him win and sometimes loose. If your child looses and pouts and cries for attention, don't give it to him. Try and inculcate the right feeling in your child. Teach him to accept the spirit f winning at times as well as losing at others. After a while, get other family members and friends occupied with these games. Teach your child that at times it is also essential to be part of a team and work as a team.
As a parent, your most vital role is to encourage, support and praise your child. Make her feel comfortable talking to you. Make her realize that she can always come to you for anything, be it a homework problem or a fight with a friend, to play a game with you or just to talk to you. If she has worked hard at anything be sure to appreciate her efforts. All these activities and behavior from your part increases your child's self image and boosts up the self-esteem. Make your child feel that you are proud to have them there.
If your child has a problem at school or with her friends, ask her to come and freely express herself to you. Talk to her and ask her to freely express her feelings to you and to replay the actual situation that took place. Sit with your child and together think of solutions to the situation. Teach your child that at times it maybe necessary to accept negative feedback. Be careful in explaining to your child that they can't always get what they demand. Be right by their side to help them and advise them. Lift them up when they fall and when they rise, help them to rise even higher. Show them the positive side ahead of every situation they face. That itself will act as an incentive and help them to achieve their goals.


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