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Physical Development:
a. The baby can sit without support.
b. The baby can now roll both the ways.
c. The baby points at objects.
d. The baby can pick up small objects.
e. The baby can stand with support.
f. The baby can eat or drink himself.

g. The baby may start getting 1 or more teeth. All children have their own time table for teething. Many babies have a tough time during teething while others have very few problems.

Mental Development :

a. The baby starts to look at toys and other objects objectively. He starts the process of analysing.

Language Development:

a. The baby makes different kinds of sounds with different volumes and pitches and can make two syllabled sounds on its own like pa-pa, ma-ma, da-da, da-di.

Social Development:

a. The baby recognizes his own name and also indicates through actions that it wants to be picked up.
b. Some babies easily mix with others but normally most children might be afraid of strangers.
c. The baby exhibits moods with various sound and body movements.
d. The baby enjoys seeing himself in the mirror.


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