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Starting The Cup

Teaching a baby  to drink from a cup offers a lot of advantages. Firstly, it gets easier to wean the child from the breast and bottle. Secondly, the baby realizes that  there is  another liquid supplement than the  motherís breast.

Introducing  a cup early helps  the baby adapt to it. The later in age you introduce the cup, the more time the baby takes to accept it. The baby is so used to a  bottle or the motherís breast, that he resists the cup. The earlier one introduces a cup, the more the intake of  liquid, as the baby will be able to drink significant amounts from it.


Here are certain guidelines to help introduce a cup early.

Timing : Introduce a cup when a baby can sit properly, well supported.
Choose a right cup :   Use an unbreakable cup.  A cup that is weighted at the bottom and will not tip over easily. Use a cup with two handles so that the baby can get a good grip.  One can  use a spill  proof cup with a spouted lid. One may have to experiment with several cups to find out which the baby really likes.
Use a bib : Introducing a cup early, means a bit of mess, however, in a matter of time the baby becomes adapt at using it. Use a bib or any water proof material until the baby becomes proficient.
Do not overfill the cup :  Fill the cup with a little milk or water to start with. This reduces the chance of spilling. Some babies may accept only juice or water in a cup and not milk. It is okay. Gradually, one can switch over.
Make him comfortable : Seat the baby in a comfortable chair, rightly propped up, so that the baby is comfortable to hold a cup.
Encourage participation : The baby may grab the cup, wanting to do it all by himself. Let the baby do it, as he will get the confidence in drinking from the cup. Do not worry of the mess, itís a part of the learning process.
Do not put pressure : If the baby refuses to take the cup do not pressurize the baby to accept it. Try again after a month or two.









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