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Never leave a baby with a young sibling.
2. Insist on a smoke free environment for your baby.
3. Never leave your baby alone in a tub or changing table, bed or sofa. If you bathe your baby in a large tub put a small towel or clothe at the bottom to prevent slipping. Keep one hand on baby’s neck during the bath.
4. Never keep the baby close to gas appliances.
5. Avoid sun exposure to your baby’s tender skin.
6. Keep the baby’s crib free of stuffed toys and pillows.
7. Never jiggle or shake your baby vigorously or throw him or her up into the air.
8. Do not place a baby on any surface next to an unguarded window, even for a second, and even while the baby is asleep.
9. Never have a baby or a child alone in a car. 

Infant Safety At Home

The first year with a new baby is challenging time.As the baby grows and develop, his curiosity impels him to investigate activities as a result, many apparently harmless household items may also become dangerous for the child.

Given below a partial list of safety concerns.

1. Certain products like insect killers, shampoos, medicines, matches, lighters, plastic bags should be kept out of reach from children.
2. Pad sharp corners of furnishings which a child may bump into and get hurt. 
3. Keep electrical cords of small appliances out of reach; adjust lamp cords so that the cord is not easily accessible.
4. Cap all electrical outlets not in use.
5. Remove breakable and valuable objects from your child’s reaching and climbing range.
6. Tie cabinet doors securely shut (strings or rubber bands).
7. Remove poisonous plants; check before purchasing plants to make sure they are safe.
8. Keep the child away from wet slippery floors.
9. Take caution when leaving windows open, if required put grills on the   window    


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