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A new born's vision at first is fuzzy and will fix on things that are about 8-14" from her eyes. She's drawn to human face and can recognize one's at about 1 month. In the first few months the baby will most appreciate things she can look at and listen to.

Tape player :
One of the best ways to soothe and entertain your baby is through music.

A cot mobile :

A mobile should be with high contrast colors and patterns and with soft music. Many babies love the music. It should be attached to crib rail to the right side as infants this age look to the right side 80% of the time.

Rattles and Hand held toys
The baby's near sightedness makes her appreciate anything you can move in her line of sight.

Soft books
Baby's love to see soft books i.e. high contrast patterns

Unbreakable mirror
Babies find their own reflection very fascinating. Fasten a mirror to the side of her crib or hang near the cranging table.

Sensory Toys
A soft toy that tweets when pressed and please a baby. An accidental squeak will also help her become aware of what her hand is doing.


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