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Babies born under this sign are very brave, warm-hearted and have a commanding air about them. Blessed with an innate sense of dignity, they thrive on power and applause and need to be adored.

Although you should encourage a leo's natural leadership qualities, you must also appeal to his sense on justice and fair play.

They hate to be ignored and need a constant flow of attention coming their way. Their judgement is astute and they make great generals and lawyers.

Intelligent, quick to learn, responsible, good sense of humour, generous, leadership quality, lazy, spend thrift is how one can characterize a leo.

These little charmers also fall in and out of love very easily. You need to provide them gentle discipline and lots of love and affection.

Lucky Colours : Red, Gold, Purple
Birthstone : Sardonyx
Famous Leo's : Madonna, Robert de Niro, Napoleon Bonaparte