Scorpions have a keen judgement and make their minds up very quickly. They are prone either to strongly like or dislike others.

Your little scorpion will never compromise. He will only learn from someone that he perceives to be stronger than him. So stand firmly and earn his respect, but do it with love.

Brilliant, magnetic personality, fantastic instincts, extremely perceptive, sharp penetrative minds is how one would describe a scorpion toddler.

Scorpions are famous for their vindictiveness. Forthright and direct to a fault the scorpion sarcasm stings.

It is said that a scorpion was born knowing the secrets of life and death and with the ability to conquer both if he so chooses.

Lucky Colours : Black and other dark colours
Birthstone : Topaz
Famous Scorpions : Madame Curie, Indira Gandhi, Publo Picasso