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Raman escapes to the jungle on Sunday and stays there
for 3 nights and left on Sunday. Is this possible ?
Answer : Yes, because Sunday is the name of his elephant.

Macho the wonder dog can drink 5 litres of milk, jump 7 feet,
climb trees. But Macho cannot jump through the 4 foot window.
Answer : Very simple. The window is shut.

Which is the most sour stone?
Answer : Limestone

Babies drink milk. Monkey's eat bananas. What do computers eat?
Answer : Computer chips.

Thomas Edison was able to invent the light bulb because.......
Answer : he was BRIGHT

Which is the smallest room the world?
Answer : Mushroom

Anthony's grandfather has three grandson's namely Amar Akbar and ___________?
Answer : Anthony

A ship collided with another and sunk. How would the survivors be buried?
Answer : No one was buried. Everyone was alive and safe.

It stays around the corner but travels all over the world!
Answer : A Stamp

Young boys were playing rugby and it was raining very heavily all day long. Not a single strand of hair got wet inspite of the boys not wearing any protection like a cap, hat etc. Any luck?
Answer : All of them were bald.

A young lady did not run away from a lion.Why?
Answer : Because the lion was a maneater.

Why do the bulls wear bells?
Answer : Because they cannot blow their horn.

What is a Bulldozer?
Answer : A sleeping bull.

What has more letters than alphabets?
Answer : The Post Office.

It goes up when the rain comes down?
Answer : An Umbrella.

6 was afraid of 7. Why?
Answer : Because 7 ate 9

What did the mama chimney say to the baby chimney?
Answer : Watch out! You are too young to smoke.

Where do baby ape's sleep?
Answer : In Apricots.

Cats kill rats, Water kills?
Answer : Fire

The picture said to the wall.....

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