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Indian Recipes
A varied range of delicious, mouth watering recipes, which in clude :
Gujarati Food Sindhi Food
Rajasthani Food South Indian Food
Punjabi Food
Indian Festivals
Contains a list of all festivals, find out what each festival means.

Indian Dances
Lists a number of Indian Dances with their history and characteristics
Bhangra Odissi
Kathak Manipuri
Kathakali Kuchipudi
India History
This section gives a detailed account of events in India during the pre and post independance period. It is divided into two parts : 1900 - 1947 and 1947 - 2000

Indian Music
This section covers the history of Indian Music, it's influences and it's types.

Alternate Therapies

Lists a number of therapies used in healing various illnesses :
Yoga, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy and Reiki
Indian Religions
Hinduism Islam
Christianity Sikhism
Buddhism Jainism